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Soda Money Fuels Obesity?

Soda companies beneficent sponsorships are intended to buy influence.

The two major soda companies, Coco-Cola Company and PepsiCo, sponsored programs at 96 national health organizations between 2011-2015. These "sweet deals" helped them lobby against 29 public health bills intended to reduce soda consumption and promote better nutrition. Organizations such as the American Diabetes Associaiton, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many more. This influence is really understated as it did not catalog local and state organizations.

PositiveTip: Avoid using these sugar-laden products and do you part to discourage acceptance of these funds.

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Friends Influence Friends to be Active

Kids are positively influenced by their active peers to get more exercise.

When it comes to exercise, kids tend to imitate their friends. Vanderbilt University researchers found the largest influence on how much moderate-to-vigorous physical activity 5-12 year olds in after-school programs got was how much their close friends got. The kids in this ethnically diverse group also altered their activity level by 10% or more to match their friends.

PositiveTip: Encouraging your child to choose friends who are active can promote their health. This might work for the whole family, also!