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Weight Loss in Obese Young Women Improves Fertility

Reducing calories and increasing physical activity increased the odds of natural conception.

A high body-mass index (BMI) combined with a sedentary lifestyle decreases the likelihood of natural conception. Dutch researchers randomized 574 infertile, obese women to a six month lifestyle program of lowered calories and increased physical activity followed by infertility treatment.  Those in this group experienced 10% higher natural conception than the control group which received infertility treatments immediately.

PositiveTip: Modest weight loss and more exercise can increase the chances of natural conception in young infertile, obese women.

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The Benefits of Holiday Exercise

Even if you gain weight during holiday indulgence, exercise can reduce other negative effects.

New research has found that 45 minutes of daily exercise can reduce the negative metabolic effects from "holiday indulgence" (short term overeating and inactivity). Even if it won't keep all the extra weight off, it will help your body manage blood sugar better and reduce harmful changes in fat tissue genes. A daily walk, skating or other activity will be gift that'll last a lifetime.

PositiveTip: Start a new Christmas tradition of regular family exercise together!


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Inactivity as Deadly as Cigarettes

Inactivity may cause 5.3 million global deaths annually.

The burden of physical inactivity on global mortality is equal to that of smoking cigarattes. Havard researchers have calculated that 5.3 million global deaths can be attributed to inactivity, which is very similar to the 5 million attributed to cigarete smoking. Physical inactivity was defined as less than the World Health Organization's recommendation of 150 minutes per week of moderate activity--such as brisk walking.

PositiveTip: Get out today--and everyday--for at least 30 minutes of walking.

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A Mixed Report on Cancer

Cancer rates fall, but poor lifestyle toll mounts.

If you don't smoke, excess weight and lack of sufficient physical activity are the greatest risk factors for cancer, according to the 2012 Annual Report to the Nation stated. While cancer incidence and mortality have continued to decline since the early 1990s, cancers associated with these risk factors are a critical concern. Theyh are identified in the report as esopageal, colorectal, kidney, pancreatic, endometrial, and postmenopausal breast cancer. 

PositiveTip: Get moving every day and eat only what you need to lower your risk for cancer!

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Light Physical Activity Good for the Kidneys

One hour of light physical activity per day improved kidney filteration rates by 3-6%.

A new analysis of the NHANES data finds that individuals who spent more than an hour a day in light physical activity had 3-6% better kidney filtration rates than those who had less than an hour. Authors also cited earlier research which found sedentary individuals had 2.2 times the risk of developing chronic kidney disease than those who were active. 

PositiveTip:  Get moving! It will help your kidneys stay healthy and keep you happy.