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Hungry Shoppers Buy more Calories

There are pitfalls to hitting the grocery store hungry.

It should come as no surprise that walking down the isle of the grocery store with an empty stomach will almost guarantee a basket full of high-calorie foods! Researchers demonstrated this in both a laboratory study of 68 participants, and a field study of 82 participants. Hungrier participants did not select more food items, but did purchase more high-calorie items.

PositiveTip: Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry!

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Skip A Night's Sleep. Overeat!

People with chronic sleep deprivation more easily overeat.

Young, healthy, normal weight men showed significantly greater hunger when shown pictures of high-calorie foods following one night of sleep deprivation--regardless of blood glucose levels. Participants served as their own controls with tests spaced two weeks apart. The areas of the brain involved in hunger motivation showed greater activity on functional magnetic resonance imaging. People who do not get enough sleep may be more likely to overeat, and a preference for energy-dense foods may predispose them to weight gain.

PositiveTip: When tired and sleep deprived be extra cautious about the desire to eat high-calorie foods.

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Fatty Foods Appear To Lessen Feelings of Sadness

Fatty foods decrease brain activity in areas responsible for sadness.

Using MRI technology, brain researchers may have found why fatty foods such as ice cream, french fries, twinkies etc, seem to comfort us when we are feeling down. Fats appear to decrease brain activity in the areas associated with sadness. Participants were infused with either saline or fatty acids. The saline produced no change in sadness ratings or brain activity, while fatty acids did.

PositiveTip: Eating fatty foods may feel temporarily comforting but isn't the best way to deal with emotions. Exercise can help lift our mood without packing on the pounds.

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High Nutrient Plant-based Diet Reduces Hunger Pangs

Cut those "hunger pangs" by 90% on a plant-based diet.

Ever tried eating less--then experienced uncomfortable "hunger pains"? Researchers have discovered that consuming a plant-based diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, with beans, seeds and nuts can reduce the discomforts of hunger by nearly 90% compared to those who consumed high levels of animal products and processed foods.

PositiveTip: Eat more plant-based foods while cutting calories. You may discover less is actually more comfort!