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New Tobacco Product Regulations

U.S. FDA now regulating all forms of tobacco, including e-cigarettes and hookahs.

Finally, after years of debate, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has debate taken authority over all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, small cigars, hookah, and pipe tobacco. The sales of all these products, including cigarettes, will be banned to those under 18 years beginning in 90 days. Manufacturers must now comply with FDA rules on reporting all ingredients used and placement of health warnings on packaging and advertising.

PositiveTip: Evidence strongly supports there is no safe form of tobacco. Each one poses significant health risks.

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Hookah Use Leads to Cigarette Smoking

Forty percent of regular waterpipe tobacco smokers are at risk for later cigarette use.

A national cohort study found waterpipe tobacco (hookah) smokers were more than twice as likely to try cigarettes than nonsmokers. Yet only 16% of non-waterpipe users showed any susceptibility to cigarette smoking. A majority of the hookah users were men between the ages of 18-21, with only high school diplomas. This study did not determine a cause-and-effect relationship, but one is plausible.

PositiveTip: While often believed to be safer, young and old should be encouraged to stay away from waterpipe smoking.

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E-Cig Use Triples

U.S. FDA intends to regulate e-cigarette use.

U.S. middle and high school students tripled their use of electronic cigarettes during 2014. The rate of use jumped from 4.5% to 13.4% while cigarettes fell to 9.2%. This increase has sparked concerns that nicotine exposure at these young ages may cause lasting harm to brain development and promote a switch to conventional cigarettes. Hookah, a particularly harmful method of smoking, almost doubled in the same time period. 

PositiveTip: Avoid all forms of tobacco at all ages for maximum safety.

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The Sneaky New Tobacco

Don't believe what you hear. Hookah smoking is just as dangerous as cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking in the US has declined by 33% in the last decade, but hookah smoking is on the rise, especially amongst educated young adults and high school seniors. Many believe the ancient communal water pipe tobacco ritual is safe but  hookah smoking is linked to cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease.