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High Blood Pressure

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Dietary Nitrates May Lower Blood Pressure

Drinking beet juice daily may help control hypertension.

Inorganic nitrates found in beet juice are converted to nitric oxide, a vasodilator. In a randomized, double-blind trial, researchers fed subjects 250 mL beet juice or beet juice with the nitrates removed (placebo) daily for 4 weeks. Those getting the regular beet juice saw their mean systolic and diastolic BPs significantly reduced. No changes were observed in  the placebo group. Longer studies are needed to demonstrate long-term benefits.

PositiveTip: Eating beet juice or soup may be a natural way to help control hypertension.

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Dying in America of Preventable Diseases

One-and-a-half million Americans die prematurely from preventable diseases.

Nearly 2.5 million Americans die each year.  Researchers determined that tobacco smoking is responsible for 467,000 of those, followed by high blood pressure contributing 395,000 deaths, overweight-obesity, physical inactivity and high blood glucose levels each accounting for between 190,000 to 216,000 each.  

PositiveTip: How are you doing with your lifestyle choices? Each of these diseases results in large part from the choices people make.

Cure High Blood Pressure with Diet and Exercise

I like really big population studies. The conclusions reached are valid and extremely accurate. Small studies with few participants are subject to many types of bias. The results of small studies are often debatable and not dependable.

The second Nurses’ Health Study enrolled 83,882 adult women 27-44 years of age. At the beginning of the study in 1991, all these women had normal blood pressure, (systolic 120 or less and diastolic 80 or less), and no diabetes, heart disease or cancer. These women were followed for 14 years through 2005. During the study, 12, 319 women developed high blood pressure and the rest didn’t.