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Is the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

If the first cereal ingredient is sugar, it is not part of a healthy breakfast.

In 2009. seventeen of the largest makers of breakfast cereals and fast foods pledged to self-regulate what foods and to whom it advertised those foods. Now researchers have found while technically the food companies have fulfilled their promises, 80% of all food advertisements directed at children are still for junk foods that "taste good." Maybe actual regulation would accomplish more.

PositiveTip: Educate your children and family to better understand the importance of healthy food choices.

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Apples More Popular with an Elmo Sticker

Kids want more apples when Elmo likes them!

Can a Muppet character really encourage healthy eating? When lunchtime apples carried a picture of the Sesame Street puppet Elmo, 68% more grade school kids choose to take them compared to when they had no sticker! If the apples had a sticker of an unfamilar character, only 20% more were taken. However, Elmo stickers on cookies did not have a similar effect because 95% of children took a cookie.

PositiveTip: Attractive names and familar characters can increase the selection of healthier foods.