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health goals

So What?

Sample Health Tournament

In our last blog post we learned the most critical stage of “filtering the firehose” of health information: knowing what health info you can trust.

However, that can still leave us with a LOT of solid health advice. The firehose is still spewing more than we can drink, so we ask our second filter question: So What?

This question is focused on personal relevance. Even if you’ve found information from a trusted source…so what? How is it relevant to your life?
The key to answering So What? knowing your health goals.

Health Goals Tournament

Here’s a tip from the book The On-Purpose Person to prioritize your health goals. Run a tournament; a health goals tournament.

Now What?

Now what...choosing what to do with new health information

We’ve been filtering the firehose of health information with some simple questions.

Q: Know What?
A: Rely on what trusted health sources claim.

Q: So What?  
A: Focus on relevance; choose health info that supports your personal health goals.

The next logical question is...

Now What?

It’s a simple process of making one of three choices:

  1. Forget it: Discard info that's untrustworthy or doesn’t touch any of your top health goals
  2. File it: Remember info that is preliminary but trustworthy, or matches your interests or experience.
  3. Follow it: Act on info that has a rock solid source that supports a top health goal.

In Practice

Here's an example of the process from a health area that’s deluged in “over-information”: exercise.