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New U. K. Alcohol Guidelines

Stricter U. K. alcohol guidelines reflect current scientific evidence.

Following a review of scientific evidence the U.K. Chief Medical Officers issued new guidelines on the use of alcohol. Clear evidence shows even the consumption of 1 drink per day is linked with increased risk of several cancers and recognizes the claimed protective benefits for heart disease is weaker than first thought. They state there is no safe level for pregnant women, and warns against binge drinking. (Supporting evidence papers are available here.)

PositiveTip: Avoiding all alcohol consumption is still good advice for limiting risks.

New Guidelines for Old

Patient focus

Late in 2013 new guidelines were published for health care professionals to manage people at risk of cardiac or vascular (stroke) disease. The guidelines were written because the old guidelines did not 1) address the risk of stroke, 2) consider younger patients with risk factors but normal cholesterol numbers, and 3) make recommendations in the area of lifestyle and obesity concerns. The old guidelines focused on cholesterol numbers. The new guidelines focus on the patient.

The guidelines written by the American Academy of Cardiology and the American Heart Association address four specific areas:

Food Labeling Tricks

Did you resolve to eat a healthier diet this year? That means that you are going to choose better foods, right? Simply reading food labels might prompt you to buy some items that really aren't good for you. It is important to understand the finer points of food labeling guidelines to avoid making poor choices. They can be tricky!

Robert Davis, PhD, a science journalist, has posted an intriguing list of the 10 most tricky food label claims on his blog. Here are seven of the trickiest.

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New AHA CPR Guidelines Result in Almost Twice the Survival Rate

Uninterrupted chest compressions significantly improve the odds of CPR survival!

This is good news! In 2005 the American Heart Association released new CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) guidelines that focused on uninterrupted chest compressions rather than alternating between compressions and breaths. Ohio State University researchers have compared the survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients who were treated before and after the implementation of the new guidelines. After adjusting for confounders, there was 1.8 greater odds of survival when treated with uninterrupted chest compressions.

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Update: CDC H1N1 School Recommendations

CDC releases updated school guidelines for schools (K-12).

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has just released updated H1N1 guidelines for schools (K-12) during the coming academic year.

If the virus show the same severity as last spring the advice is:

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New Exercise Guide for Seniors

New exercise guide for seniors. It's free!

You read and hear it everywhere: we all need more physical activity! Have you wondered how to get it and what to do? The National Institutes on Aging (NIA) has updated its very popular exercise guide for those over 55 years of age. It is also applicable for those younger as well--you will reach 55 some day!