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grip strength

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Your Grip Strength is a Powerful Predictor

Grip strength is a simple and robust predictor of death risk.

A large, international study has revealed that for each 5 kilogram decrease in grip strength, over all mortality risk increased by 16%, cardiovascular mortality by 17%, and a 9% increase in stroke risk. The findings were consistent across nationalities and economic levels.

PositiveTip: Keep up the strength exercises. They could lower your risk of premature death.

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Physical Ability Predicts Increased Mortality in Elders

Grip strength, walking speed and chair rises help determine mortality rates among the elderly.

Researchers from the University of London analyzed 28 studies on how at least one measure of physical capability (grip strength, walking speed, chair rises) connects with increased mortality in the elderly. They found that weaker grip strength, slower walking speed and longer chair rises were all associated with increased mortality. For example, those in the bottom 25% of grip strength had more than 1.5 times times the all-cause mortality compared to those in the top 25%.

PositiveTip: Physical activity today, including strength training, may pay large dividends for years into the future.