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Alcohol and Marijuana Affect College Grades

Use of alcohol and marijuana does impact academic performance.

The two most commonly used substances on college campuses are alcohol and marijuana. Researchers followed freshmen from two collages for two years, tracking academic performance and monthly use of alcohol and cannabis. The lowest users of both substances maintained the highest GPAs, and had the lowest depression scores when compared to those with moderate to high alcohol but no marijuana use or moderate to high users of both. Grades improved with lower substance abuse!

PositiveTip: Going for the gold academically? Stay away from alcohol and marijuana.

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Teenage Drinking Shrinks Gray Matter

Normal development of the teenage brain affected by use of alcohol.

Heavy drinking of alcohol during adolescence appears to lead to the exaggerated loss of gray matter and an increase in white matter compared to non-drinking peers. The study subjects tended to drink in binges on weekends or at parties. At baseline average GPA was 3.5 (of 4), but the drinkers average dropped during the study to 3.2, while the non-drinkers remained the same.

PositiveTip: Encourage adolescents to avoid the use of all alcohol!

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Lack of Sleep in Teens and Young Adults

Inadequate sleep has serious risks for teens and young adults.

Teens and young adults who don't get adequate sleep are at higher risk for automobile crashes, poor grades and performance in school, depressed moods, and problems with peer and adult relationships.

PositiveTip: Take sleep seriously, set regular times for going to sleep and waking up, and get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.


The Power of Mentoring Youth

If you pay attention to trends among people working with adolescents, one word you'll hear frequently is "mentor".

Adult mentoring young person.

mentor is an individual, usually older and always more experienced, who helps and guides another individual’s development without having a goal of personal gain.

Some professions have "mentoring programs" where newcomers are paired with more experienced employees who advise and guide them as they advance. Schools sometimes offer mentoring programs to new students, or to students having difficulties. 

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Service: It Will Help Your Kids Improve Their Grades

Want a proven strategy to boost your kid's grades? Get them serving others!

Want to help your kids and their friends get better grades in school? You might be surprised to know that students who engage in service (that is, helpful activities benefiting other people) get better grades in school. Sounds pretty easy? It is!

PositiveTip: Find opportunities to engage your kids in helping others. Then sit back and watch them reap the benefits.