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High Fat, Sugar Intake Tilts Hormones Toward Weight Gain

High fat and sugar intake may change hormone secretion toward weight gain.

Diets with higher levels of fat and sugar appear to change hormone levels in favor of weight gain. Consuming high fat and sugar foods increases insulin and ghrelin, two hormones that are related to weight gain while decreasing leptin, which aids in weight loss.

PositiveTip: Consuming a vegetarian or Mediterranean type diet can aid efforts to lose weight.

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Adequate Sleep Improves Weight Loss Success

Sufficient ZZZs improve weight loss.

A small study has highlighted the importance of adequate sleep in successful weight loss endeavors. Ten overweight, sedentary adults slept either 5.5 hours per night or 8.5 hours per night for a 2-week period. Three months later the groups were reversed. Those who slept 8.5 hours lost significantly more fat weight (55%) than those sleeping less than 5.5 hours. Less sleep also resulted in higher levels of ghrelin, which increases the sense of hunger.

PositiveTip: Sufficient sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle--and successful weight loss!