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Frequent Consumption of Fruit Improves Female Fertility

Frequent fast food consumption increases risk of infertility!

Women who ate fruit less than 3 times per day, when compared to those who consumed 3 or more servings, had a significantly increased risk of infertility. This retrospective study from Australia also found women who consumed no fast food had a 41% reduced risk of infertility. Interestingly, consumption of green leafy vegetables seemingly had no impact on fertility.

PositiveTip: Women of childbearing age who desire to concieve, should lay off the fast foods and eat at least 3 servings of fresh fruit daily.

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Weight Loss in Obese Young Women Improves Fertility

Reducing calories and increasing physical activity increased the odds of natural conception.

A high body-mass index (BMI) combined with a sedentary lifestyle decreases the likelihood of natural conception. Dutch researchers randomized 574 infertile, obese women to a six month lifestyle program of lowered calories and increased physical activity followed by infertility treatment.  Those in this group experienced 10% higher natural conception than the control group which received infertility treatments immediately.

PositiveTip: Modest weight loss and more exercise can increase the chances of natural conception in young infertile, obese women.

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Soy: A Functional Fertility Food

Women pursing IVF who ate soy foods had an almost 80% higher chance of egg fertilization.

Soy-based food products have been accused of interfering with fertility. Researchers have now found that eggs from women involved in advanced fertility techniques had higher fertilization rates. Clinical pregnancy was 11% higher and live birth rates were 13% higher for those consuming soy foods compared to age-matched controls. These findings go one step further in supporting the value and safety of dietary soy products.

PositiveTip: Soy containing foods appear to be very helpful to women undergoing fertility treatment.