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elementary schools

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Physical Activity Keeps Kids Fit

Elementary school kids who did not participate in exercise gained weight.

Physical education has declined dramatically in most elementary schools. Researchers found that a 9-month, after school exercise program for 8 and 9 year old elementary school children improved their physical fitness and helped them control their weight. The control group showed no improvements. This program provided moderate to vigorous physical activity 5 times per week.

PositiveTip: Provide your children regular physical activity--even if school does not.

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See a Carrot, Eat a Carrot!

Photos of veggies on lunch trays get kids to eat more.

Almost 37% of elementary students in Minnesota took carrots and 15% helped themselves to green beans when photos of those veggies were placed in the compartments of their trays. This was compared to 12% and 6%, respectively, when there were no pictures on the trays (P=<0.001). While vegetable consumption still remained low, this method increased consumption for a very economical cost ($3.00 per 100 trays).  

PositiveTip: If pictures help, perhaps Mom and Dad modeling enthusiastic and generous vegetable consumption will encourage the kids to eat more!