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Ecstasy Use on the Rise

Estimates suggest that more than 450,000 Americans use ecstasy.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that emergency department visits involving the drug ecstacy rose from 4,460 admissions in 2005 to 10,176 in 2011. As a street drug, ecstacy has been found to be mixed with methamphetamine, ephedrine, cocaine, and caffeine which users may not be aware of when using. Dangerous symptoms may include heart failure, anxiety, confusion, and kidney failure.

PositiveTip: Use of ecstasy can be deadly. Encourage young people (and older) to avoid it.

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Use of Illegal Drugs and Cognitive Performance

Moderate canabis and ecstasy use reduce memory and attention in young adults.

The regular use of some illegal drugs may cause cognitive impairments. Two of these substances are "ecstasy" and "canabis". Recent research has focussed on attention and memory in a community-based sample of young adults derived from a large-scale epidemiological study. Subjects were sampled with varying degrees of lifetime drug use.

A dose-response relationship was found for poorer episodic memory function when ecstasy and cannabis were used. There was also a stronger tendency for attention to lapse with the higher use of these drugs.

PositiveTip: For maximum memory and alertness stay away from all illegal drugs.