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eating out

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Food Peer Pressure

Peer pressure influences your food choices when eating out.

Ordering within the same food category as your friends brings greater happiness to restaurant-goers. Researchers found this peer pressure can overwhelm original desires for specific foods. People will try to avoid looking like the lone glutton or nutri-freak just to fit in. It's only true if people order out loud though. Researchers recommend ordering first because "the first person is the only one who truly gets what they want".

Positive Tip: Be a positive peer and order healthy dishes to encourage your friends when eating out.

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Beware of Eating Out

Eating out increases caloric intake in children and teens--probably adults too!

You probably could have guessed this! Eating meals at fast-food and full-service eateries is associated with more calories, sugar, total fat, saturated fat and sodium. This study included over 9400 children and teens. When eating at fast-food places teens consumed 309 more calories and children 128 more per meal, and when at full-service restaurants 267 and 160, respectively. These excess calories significantly contribute to overweight and obesity.

PositiveTip: Take a healthful lunch instead of going out to eat.

Eating Out For Dummies

"So what are you going to have?" I asked my wife as we settled into the booth at a restaurant we had not previously visited.

"I haven’t checked the menu yet," she replied, not looking up. "Why? Do you already know what you want?"Lady eating salad.

"Well, I'll probably just get what I usually get," I shrugged.

"First rule for eating out," she said with a smile, "is check the menu. Most good restaurants mark their menus with little symbols so you can not only know what is good, but what is good for you."

"Oh!" I picked up the menu with more interest. "And what else does my health food guru know?" I asked.

"Rule Number Two. See all those fancy names following the entrees?"

"Like beurre blanc, bearnaise, parmigiana, au gratin and alfredo?"