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Do Expensive Supplements Make Me Healthy?

So your doctor, or someone you know, has been urging you to try expensive nutritional supplements. The problem? The supplements they suggest are far more expensive than you can afford. How badly do you need them? Will you endanger your health without them?Capsule with expensive supplement.

The American Dietetic Association says a healthy diet will give you all the nutrients you need. Of course there are rare exceptions, such as when people have a disease or an acute deficiency. But if you want a little nutritional "insurance", a good multi-vitamin from your local pharmacy is just fine.

Nutritional Supplements: Good News or Bad?

Did you know...

  • Men and women in the top fifth of fruit and vegetable intake (about 9 or 10 daily servings) enjoy a 20 percent lower risk for heart disease than people in the lowest fifth (average less than 3 servings per day). 
  • Cancer risk is lower in those who each the most fruits and vegetables, also.
  • Americans spend over $25 billion a year on nutritional supplements!

Why do we spend so much when we could get the same things from wise food choices? About 12 years ago the scientific community got excited by the findings of some large population studies showing that diets supplemented with antioxidants, and Vitamin E, could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Now over the intervening years other much more carefully controlled studies have not shown the same benefits.

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Are Your Dietary Supplements Really Safe?

Its the wild, wild west when it comes to undeclared medications in dietary supplements!

Are you certain all the ingredients in your "natural" dietary supplements are safe, let alone effective? There is an alarming increase in the discovery of a wide variety of undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients contaminating supplements in the marketplace today. In July of this year the FDA listed 75 tainted weight loss products that contained undeclared medications--some with multiple medications in a single formulation. The most common targets for these undeclared, potentially hazardous ingredients are supplements for weight loss, sexual enhancement, and athletic performance. Caveat emptor--let the buyer beware!