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christianity and health

Christians and Their Health--Why Be Healthy?

Why be healthy? It seems like an obvious answer – to live longer, happier lives. But those who are planning to live forever in heaven sometimes wonder – why be concerned now? What's the point of stressing about health here on earth, before the “forever” starts? Won’t our bodies be changed “in a twinkling” into immortal bodies at the Second Coming of Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:51-52)?

Is there a Biblical basis for advocating a healthy life style for Christians in the “here and now”?

Christian schools have been advocating good health for a long time. Harvard University, founded in 1636 on the library and estate of a young, Puritan minister; Oberlin College, begun in 1833 by a Presbyterian minister; Earlham College, begun in 1847 by Quakers -- all were institutions of higher learning which (at their founding) emphasized healthful lifestyle principles in addition to academic excellence.