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alcoholic beverages

A Tough Decision?

“Margaret,” Laurie called out as she rounded the end of the last aisle in the grocery store.

“Hi, Laurie,” Margaret responded as she placed a bottle of Bordeaux wine in her shopping cart.

“I didn’t know you liked wine.” Laurie, basket on her arm, tried to speak without accusation as she approached Margaret’s shopping cart. “I thought you were an abstainer.”

“Oh, I was – until I saw the most recent study about the good effects of red wine,” Margaret said. “You know, lowering cholesterol, decreasing clots, better heart health.” Margaret seemed quite confident.

Laurie wrinkled her brow, trying to recall what she had read. “Good effects? I did read something about that in a magazine – or on-line somewhere, but I don’t remember the details.”

“Yeah. It’s all about the resveratrol in wine. You know about that?”

“Um, I remember resveratrol,” Margaret nodded. “A magical element in red grapes.”

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Alcohol and the Top Three Causes of Teenage Death

Alcohol use contributes to the top three causes of death in 12-20 year olds.

Drinking alcohol contributes to the three leading causes of death among persons aged 12–20 years: unintentional injury, homicide and suicide.

PositiveTip: Avoid all alcoholic beverages, they adversely affect mental reasoning, a root cause of these three causes of death.


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Don't Mix Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Mixing alcohol and energy drinks increases binge drinking, sexual indiscretion and drunk driving.

The common practice among youth and young adults of mixing energy drinks with alcoholic beverages increases the risk of binge drinking by 300 per cent. It also doubles the risk of being taken advantage of sexually, of taking sexual advantage of someone else, and doubles the likelihood of riding with a driver under the influence.

PositiveTip: Choose alternative non-alcoholic drinks over alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. They don’t carry these dangerous risks!