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Teenage Violence and Soda Consumption

Study says teens who drank 5+ soft drinks/week had more aggressiveness.

Boston high school students who drank more than 5 cans of carbonated non-diet sodas per week (30% of sample) was significantly associated with more violence with peers, family members and dates, and likelihood to carry a weapon. Even after controlling for gender, age, race, BMI, sleep, tobacco, alcohol use, and family dinners -- heavy soda drinkers were more likely to engage in aggresive behavior. Limitations were absence of caffiene data, self-reporting errors, and lack of socioeconomic data.

PositieTip: Sodas are totally unnecessary for health, add unneeded calories, and may impact negative behaviors. Limit or avoid them!

Internet & Video Games Can Be Dangerous to Kids

Concern is spreading over children's excessive media use such as Internet, violent video games, and online gambling and pornography. Today's young people grow up in a media-saturated culture.Child playing video game in field.

Ask any 10 or 12 year old about this issue and they will probably not understand why anyone would consider it a problem. After all, today’s kids don’t know any life without an abundance of electronic devices. Electronic stimuli are simply part of the world they were born into.

While there is much concern about the potential damage of all this, there has not been sufficient research in the past. But new vast quantities of research are emerging. We are now learning the risks (and the occasional benefits) of what is going on.