Baby brushing teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth Prevents Heart Attacks


Brushing your teeth prevents more than just cavities. It can also prevent heart attacks. This news was confirmed by a recently published article in the British Medical Journal.Baby brushing teeth.

Authors studied 11,000 people who were part of the Scottish Health Survey, which lasted more than 8 years. During that time 555 heart attacks occurred and 170 people died from heart attacks within the study. 

Brushing teeth was broken down into three categories, those who: brushed less than once a day, brushed once a day and brushed twice a day.  Those who didn't brush their teeth daily were more than twice as likely to experience a heart attack compared with those who brushed twice a day.

People who brushed less than once a day also had elevated blood markers for inflammation including C-Reactive Protein and fibrinogen.

So, brush your teeth twice a day. It will brighten your smile and keep you smiling for years to come!


Dr. Adams is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. His MPH is from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Adams is retired from the position of Medical Director of Tarrant County Public Health in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the developer of the Best Weigh nutrition and weight loss program. He is also the author of the Handbook of Health Evangelism and Jesus Was Thin: So You Can Be Thin Too.