Baby brushing teeth.
Baby brushing teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth Prevents Heart Attacks

<p>Brushing your teeth prevents more than just cavities. It can also prevent heart attacks.&nbsp;This news was confirmed by a recently&nbsp;published article in the <a href=";hits=10&amp;RESULTFORMAT=&amp;fulltext=%22brushing+teeth%22&amp;searchid=1&amp;FIRSTINDEX=0&amp;sortspec=date&amp;resourcetype=HWCIT" target="_blank" title="British Medical Journal" rel="noopener">British Medical Journal</a>.<img class=" size-full wp-image-235" alt="Baby brushing teeth." src="" style="float:right; height:225px; width:300px" title="Baby brushing teeth." width="300" height="225" /></p>

blog June 14, 2010

Brushing your teeth prevents more than just cavities. It can also prevent heart attacks. This news was confirmed by a recently published article in the British Medical Journal.Baby brushing teeth.

Authors studied 11,000 people who were part of the Scottish Health Survey, which lasted more than 8 years. During that time 555 heart attacks occurred and 170 people died from heart attacks within the study. 

Brushing teeth was broken down into three categories, those who: brushed less than once a day, brushed once a day and brushed twice a day.  Those who didn't brush their teeth daily were more than twice as likely to experience a heart attack compared with those who brushed twice a day.

People who brushed less than once a day also had elevated blood markers for inflammation including C-Reactive Protein and fibrinogen.

So, brush your teeth twice a day. It will brighten your smile and keep you smiling for years to come!