Benefits of Parental Monitoring-7: R-rated Media

R-Rated Media.This is the seventh in a series of blogs examining benefits of parental supervision.

A study from Dartmouth University Medical School.has reported that media portrayals of tobacco and alcohol use are associated with adolescent smoking and drinking. They studied the role of parents in monitoring and limiting children’s movie exposure and whether or not this was associated with a lower risk of adolescent smoking and drinking.

Researchers in this study surveyed 2,606 pairs of children and their parents. They asked children how often their parents monitored their movie viewing and if their parents allowed them to watch R-rated movies. They also surveyed children about parental monitoring of non media-related behaviors. They wanted to learn if the risk of smoking and drinking alcohol of the kids were related to this monitoring.

They found that children were at lower risk of smoking and drinking if their parents prohibited them from watching R-rated movies (which often display smoking and drinking behaviors).

This study is yet another example of the influence of how parental monitoring has a positive impact on preventing high risk behaviors among their kids.

The message: Monitor your kids!!