Gary Hopkins

Gary L. Hopkins, MD, DrPH, MPH is currently an associate research professor at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan where he is also associate director of the Institute for Prevention of Addictions, Director of the Center for Prevention Research and Director of the Center for Media Impact Research. He is also on the faculty of the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University. Gary holds doctorates both in Medicine and Public Health and a Master of Public Health Degree with an emphasis in International Health. He has extensive experience in international research. His current research includes a study designed to measure the impact of the Internet on families in the Pacific Northwest and also how drugs are impacting the lives of youth in North Idaho with an emphasis on methamphetamine use. Gary presented his research findings in approximately 65 countries where he works with communities and governmental agencies to design effective programs to prevent high-risk behaviors among adolescents. He has written two books encouraging faith communities to become involved in community-based prevention along with many scholarly publications. He serves as a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals.

How Can We Ensure that Our Kids Excel in the Face of Adversity?

Resilience, in the field of health as it relates to youth, is the ability to face adversity and survive in spite of that adversity. Even more, it is the capacity to excel when things aren’t going well. Sounds confusing? Let’s clarify.Some kids grow up under such terrible circumstances that you might think they'd have no chance…

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Prayer Works & Research Proves It!

 Back in the 1980’s a heart specialist named Randolph C. Byrd, MD, embarked on a study to see if science could verify whether intercessory prayer was effective.  

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Gold Standard for Early Detection of Colon Cancers

Colonoscopy is a procedure where a physician inserts a long thin tube into the colon. This tube is connected to a camera and the physician is able to examine the colon. The doctor is also able to remove small polyps, some of which would otherwise grow into cancerous tumors. Colonoscopy is considered the gold standard…

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Kids Need Adults in their Lives!

Young people are desperately pursuing a sense of belonging, a sense of identity. Who am I?  Where do I belong in this world?  Who cares about me?  We all modify our behaviors according to where we gain our sense of belonging.  We modify our dress, our speech and our behavior in order to fit in.  …

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