Fred Hardinge

For over 35 years, Dr. Hardinge has been communicating the message “Your choices can lead you to be healthy and more productive!” to a wide variety of audiences. His background includes pastoring, academic teaching, community health education, corporate training and consultation, administration and private health counseling. He is known nationally and internationally as a creative educator and motivational speaker. He enjoys hiking, climbing and cross-country skiing with his wife April, two grown children and four grandchildren; and finds carpentry and writing very relaxing. He was co-founder of in 1995 and currently is the founder and current Director of

“But I Don’t Have Any Willpower!”

We all love success. We want to succeed ourselves, and we usually enjoy it when others succeed--unless it is in direct competition to us (but that is another blog in the future). Health educators love success also, but rarely get to witness it long-term! We can deliver the most creative and interesting lifestyle interventions delivered…

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The Challenge of Balance

Today we hear a lot about the dangers of cigarettes, too much fat, the wrong kinds of fat, excess sugar, too little sleep, too much sedentary living, etc., etc. We know these behaviors are bad for us! Could it be the cacophony of "nots" pushes us over the edge in the other direction sometimes?When we…

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Confused about Nutrition Labeling? It is Getting More Complex

Today, the government, food manufacturers, supermarket chains, health organizations and trade groups are all involved in nutrition profiling systems designed to help you make wise food decisions when you are shopping. Are all these initiatives going to help you, the consumer, along the road to better health? Or, will they simply serve to confuse and…

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Small Changes Make Big Differences

Earlier last week on my way to speaking appointments I was a passenger on a South African Airways jetliner as it lifted off from Washington's Dulles International Airport bound for Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a long, sixteen hour flight with a refueling stop in Dakar, Senegal. The majority of the flight was spent at…

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Are You Ready for H1N1 Flu–or Another Variant?

During the past week we have heard a lot about the "Swine Flu", now dubbed H1N1. Near paranoia gripped the public and some media for a time. Doomsayers were prognosticating this was going to be "it" for the world we know! We now know that H1N1 responds well to two of the antiviral agents, and…

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How Tough Are You?

The other day while putting on my headphones for my daily bout of exercise, the head band snapped in two. They were less than a month old, and I had not used any undue exertion on them. When my exercise was finished, I went to the file and found my receipt so I could return…

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