Brian R. Bell

Brian is a health writer and researcher from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master's in Public Health, Health Promotion.

So What?

In our last blog post we learned the most critical stage of “filtering the firehose” of health information: knowing what health info you can trust. However, that can still leave us with a LOT of solid health advice. The firehose is still spewing more than we can drink, so we ask our second filter question:…

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Now What?

We’ve been filtering the firehose of health information with some simple questions. Q: Know What? A: Rely on what trusted health sources claim. Q: So What?   A: Focus on relevance; choose health info that supports your personal health goals. The next logical question is... Now What? It’s a simple process of making one of…

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Know What?

In my last blog post, I gave an overview of how to “filter the firehose” of health information overload. You don’t need to know it all; you only need to know enough to make positive choices for your health. It requires filtering for trusted information you can act on. I suggest using a three question…

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“Know-It-All” or Know Enough

If you're like me, you can often suffer from health information overload. We both want to make positive choices about our health. However, one Google search can explode into a plethora of passionate predictions from doctors, health researchers, naturopaths and snake-oil salesmen leaving you with a mountain of “irrefutable” yet often contradictory advice. Never mind…

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