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Front Line Report: The War on Ebola

Kudos to those who risk their lives to help the disadvantaged.

Ebola fears have dominated the media for weeks. However, the unsung heroes of the war against Ebola have received little attention. In mid-October at the LLU Global Healthcare Conference in Southern California, Gillian Seton, MD and James Appel, MD shared their first hand experiences of working in Liberia. Their story is heart-warming and inspiring.

PositiveTip: Support this fight with your prayers and help for those who are quietly making a difference.

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Risky Drinking Bad All-round

Two and a half million years of potential life is lost due to excessive drinking.

Many people think alcohol addiction and motor vehicle accidents are the only problems with alcohol. However, cancer, heart disease, drowning, falls and other causes must be included. An average of 87,798 deaths in the U.S. occur from binge drinking (5 or more drinks on a single occasion). Most of those were due to motor vehicle accidents. Among working-age adults, one in 10 deaths is associated with excessive drinking (more than 14 drinks per week in men, eight in women).

PositiveTip: The safest course is to avoid all alcohol consumption.

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Knowledge of Healthcare Prices Impacts Spending

Medical price transparency can save expenditures.

About 500,000 employer-sponsored employees covered by health insurance were given telephone or internet access to the actual price of medical services for laboratory tests, advanced imaging services, and office visits. Those who accessed price information over the 3 year study period spent significantly less that those who did not. The largest difference was for advanced imaging services. However, fewer than 10% of patients bothered to investigate pricing.

PositiveTip: Tired of high medical bills? Investigate and compare the costs when possible.

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Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Relieved by Weight Loss

Weight loss may be key to knee osteoarthritis pain relief.

A  one year Danish study of 192 obese patients found those who maintain weight loss report 15% less osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain. An initial 16-week intensive weight loss intervention was followed by randomization to 3 maintenance groups: continuing dietary intervention, knee exercise program, and no intervention. All three groups experienced significantly reduced pain. and the dietary intervention group lost the most weight (11 kg).

PositiveTip: If you are overweight and struggling with OA knee pain, maintain weight loss to help control pain.

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The True Heroes of Ebola

Reacting with fear and paranoia accomplishes little.

Craig Spencer, MD, was lauded as a hero after recovering from Ebola in New York. He told a news conference the real heroes were those in West Africa on the front lines of the epidemic. The World Health Organization now estimates there have been 13,241 cases and 4,950 deaths through early November, nearly all in the countries of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

PositiveTip: Pray for the Ebola victims and their families. Then do something tangible to assist organizations that are saving lives

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Sitting Correctly

If you have to sit for long periods, make sure you do it right!

Many of us spend a large proportion of our days sitting in front of computer screens. Do you maintain proper posture? This short video provides some very practical suggestion to improve your posture. Children and adults would benefit by taking a break and moving around at regular intervals, too.

PositiveTip: Make good posture a habit! This can help prevent neck and back problems from developing in the future.


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Grocery Store Psychology

Almost 50% of what we buy in a supermarket was unintended when we walked in the door!

You go to the local supermarket to purchase a loaf of bread and some apples. As you return home, you wonder how you ended up spending $85? Everything inside these stores has been planned to make you want more and buy more! Bon Appétit published a revealing interview with five experts that will shock, irritate, and inform you about what you are up against when you venture into the modern supermarket.

PositiveTip: A good list helps ensure disciplined shopping.

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Red Meat Consumption and Breast Cancer Risk

Consumption of red meat by young women increases breast cancer risk.

One serving a day of read meat consumed by women during adolescence was associated with a 22% higher risk of premenopausal breast cancer. The same single serving consumed during early adulthood increased the risk by 13%. During this age period mammary glands are the most susceptible to carcinogen exposure. Researchers accounted for all major risk factors.

PositiveTip: Red meat is not the only risk factor for breast cancer. A healthy lifestyle without alcohol or smoking with physical activity is very helpful too!

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Prevent Falls with Simple Home Modifications

Low-cost safety modifications help prevent falls and injuries.

Simple home safety modifications for the elderly can reduce the risk of falls significantly. Homes which had added handrails, non-slip bath mats, and slip resistant surfaces and steps were compared over 3 years with those who did have this safety modifications. The occupants of the safer homes had 26% fewer falls and 39% few injuries each year. These benefits were very cost effective.

PositiveTip:  Evaluate the home of your elderly and make necessary safety modifications.

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Menopause: Yes There is an App for That!

An app to guide women to wise treatment choices for menopause.

Troubled by menopause symptoms? The North American Menopause Society has developed a free mobile app for women with bothersome symptoms. After working through a series of questions, evidence-based information about the risks and benefits of various treatment options is presented. Women who are interested in hormone therapy are encouraged to try lifestyle modifications first for 3 months.

PositiveTip: Ladies struggling with difficult menopause symptoms might find this app very helpful.