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stair climbing

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Volunteering Promotes Health in Older Adults

Volunteering in schools improves seniors' health, especially those with poorer health.

Seniors who volunteered in elementary schools teaching children to read for 15 hours a week for 9 months, were found to have better physical condition than before volunteering. Those in fair health prior to volunteering improved the greatest, with improved strength and energy, walking speed and stair-climbing.

PositiveTip: Volunteering to help others improves both mental and physical vitality of seniors.

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Making Climbing Stairs Fun!

Can making good things fun actually motivate positive behaviors? This experiment seems to have worked.

How often do you heed the advice, ”Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better”? Woefully few people actually follow that advice. Would more climb the stairs if it was more fun? Enjoy this short video of an experiment in Europe!

PositiveTip: Even if it is not as fun as this video, choose to climb the stairs as often as you can!