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smokeless tobacco

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New Questions About the IQOS System

Smokeless tobacco device may not live up to safety claims.

The "I Quit Original Smoking" (IQOS) smokeless tobacco device may not be as safe as the manufacturer claims. Researchers evaluated its performance under several different puffing protocols as well as cleaning conditions. They found it is not fully a "heat-not-burn" system, as the tobacco did char, and the plastic film used to cool the vapor easily released a toxic chemical. This device is available internationally but not in the U.S.

PositiveTip: Quit smoking all forms of tobacco. It is still the safest option!

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Hooked on Snus

Addiction to smokeless tobacco may be stronger than cigarettes!

Yes, the title is spelled correctly! Snus is moist, oral snuff originating in Sweden that is now being promoted by big USA tobacco manufacturers.

Research has found that those who use snus exclusively, or who use snus and cigarettes, report significantly higher dependence on nicotine than those who only smoke cigarettes. People who use both reported the toughest withdrawal symptoms.

PositiveTip: Smokeless tobacco products, while appealing, are associated with cancers of the mouth, esophagus and pancreas. Just say no!

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Popular Myth: Smokeless Tobacco Not Harmless

Beware of smokeless tobacco products. They are hazardous to your health!

The recent growing popularity of smokeless tobacco products has been fueled by popular claims that they are safer than cigarettes. In a new meta-analysis of eleven observational studies researchers looked to see if smokeless tobacco users had elevated risk for heart attacks and stroke. Compared with nonusers, ever-users of these products had significantly elevated risk for fatal heart attacks (13% higher) and fatal strokes (40% higher).

PositiveTip: Don't fool yourself into thinking that smokeless tobacco products are safer. The sooner you quit the healthier you will be!