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Hungry Shoppers Buy more Calories

There are pitfalls to hitting the grocery store hungry.

It should come as no surprise that walking down the isle of the grocery store with an empty stomach will almost guarantee a basket full of high-calorie foods! Researchers demonstrated this in both a laboratory study of 68 participants, and a field study of 82 participants. Hungrier participants did not select more food items, but did purchase more high-calorie items.

PositiveTip: Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry!

Buying Good Food without Breaking the Bank

Jacob, one of the Old Testament Bible characters, lived through seven years of famine in Egypt. When he was old he wrote, "God...fed me all my life long..." (Genesis 48:15) Today, in the current economic crunch, we can trust Him to feed us, too.Making ends meet.

However, He does expect us to use judgment and restraint in not only the foods we choose, but in how and where we purchase them. The following guide will help you eat well without needing to own the grocery store!