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seasonal flu

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Is the Flu Vaccination Safe

Risks from the flu are many times greater than the risk of vaccination.

The media is full of sensationalist, sloppy, poorly researched, and outright false articles on the claimed dangers of flu vaccines. There are no absolute guarantees in medicine and science. It is always a risk vs. benefit assessment. Those who fear monger are focusing only on the fear, not the benefits. Here are several links to the facts about the safety and efficacy of the current flu vaccines. They are well worth the read!

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H1N1 May Yet Be More Virulent Than the Seasonal Flu

Animal models show the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) may be more virulent than the seasonal flu.

Animal models demonstrate that the pandemic flu virus replicates faster and damages lungs more than the seasonal flu. Japanese researchers tested this in mouse and ferret models. Both species have been good predictors of human flu infection. In the United States so far, experience in humans has not been more severe. However, the influenza A (H1N1) surfaced and spread in late spring and summer. Flu viruses are more virulent and spread more rapidly in cold, dry air. The worst may be yet to come.

PositiveTip: Make healthy choices to support your immune system, practice good personal hygiene, and get your flu shot.