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"Raw Water"--Really?

"Raw water" clearly poses risks from viruses, bacteria and parasites!

Technically, "raw water" is unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized water from a natural spring. Are there really benefits to drinking water in a "natural" state? A small, but growing group of advocates believe there are. "Living water" as it is called by some, is organically laden with minerals, bacteria, and other "healthy" compounds claimed to boost "energy" and "peacefulness"--all unproven benefits.

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Surprise in Raw Cookie Dough

Beware of raw cookie dough, it could make you sick.

Looking forward to some raw cookie dough this holiday? Think again! When scientists examined 35 cases of E. coli food poisoning occuring in mid-2009, all but two of the hospitalized victims had eaten uncooked chocolate-chip cookie dough. Two-thirds of the patients were younger than 19 years old. While you might blame the eggs used, they had been pasturized. Only the flour had not been safeguarded from E. coli

PositiveTip: Safely enjoy cookie dough--after it has been baked in the oven!

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Beware of Raw Milk

Michigan confirms 12 cases of campylobacterosis from raw milk consumption.

Raw milk is touted by some as being more nutritious and is inherently antimicrobial, and therefore superior to pasteurized milk. But in reality there are no significant nutritional differences, and raw milk may contain a wide variety of harmful bacteria.

A recent outbreak of campylobacteriosis in Michigan confirms this. Twelve cases of this illness have been identified among those consuming raw milk from an Indiana dairy.