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The Benefits of Holiday Exercise

Even if you gain weight during holiday indulgence, exercise can reduce other negative effects.

New research has found that 45 minutes of daily exercise can reduce the negative metabolic effects from "holiday indulgence" (short term overeating and inactivity). Even if it won't keep all the extra weight off, it will help your body manage blood sugar better and reduce harmful changes in fat tissue genes. A daily walk, skating or other activity will be gift that'll last a lifetime.

PositiveTip: Start a new Christmas tradition of regular family exercise together!


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It's the Calories, not the Protein

If you eat too much, your body will pack on the fat no matter how much protein.

Weight-stable patients living in an inpatient clinic for 10-12 weeks who overate by 954 kcal per day on low-protein diets, gained less weight than those who ate the same amount on normal- or high-protein diets. But they all gained a similar amount of fat. The protein level of the diet did not affect the amount of fat each patient stored.

PositiveTip: Avoid eating excess calories: they will increase the fat you store no matter how much protein you eat.