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Most Online Breastmilk Sources Contaminated

Almost 3/4 of online purchased breastmilk was contaminated with bacteria.

Researchers compared 100 human breastmilk samples purchased online from milk-sharing websites with 20 unpasteurized samples donated by a milk bank. Each sample underwent viral and bacterial analysis. The internet samples were significantly more likely to harbor bacteria, including pathogenic species such as Staphylococcus species and Gram-negative bacteria (63% vs. 25% and 72% vs. 35%, respectively). The authors suggest the internet sample contamination is due to poor collection, storage, or shipping practices.

PositiveTip: Mothers seeking to purchase breastmilk should be very careful in selecting sources.

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Wow! Psychotherapy for the Depressed Online?

Instant messaging of therapy for depressed patients yields surprisingly good results.

Can Internet psychotherapy for depression benefit patients? A randomized, controlled trial conducted in Britain of cognitive-behavorial therapy delivered online in real time to depressed patients resulted in 42% recovery compared to 26% recovery in the traditional treatment group. This method of delivery could broaden access and improve drop-out rates.