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The Human Brain's GPS

The way you remember where you parked your car is absolutely fascinating.

Have you ever wondered how you can remember and visualize events and details surrounding memorable events in your life years later? Things like your first kiss, your wedding, an accident, the place your first child was born--or where you just parked your car in a gigantic parking lot at the mall! University College of London researcher Neil Burgess tells how patterns of electrical activity in brain cells help us draw internal maps of the space around us.

PositiveTip: Thank God today for the "fearful and wonderful way" (Psalm 139:14) He created you so you don't get lost (most of the time)!

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Effects of Soy milk as a Dietary Complement

Soy milk lowers cardiovascular risk, extends survival and prevents brain neuron loss.

Rats fed a soy milk supplemented diet showed decreased total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and an increase in HDL cholesterol. Soy milk decreased fat peroxidation in brain, liver and kidney tissue. Animals with soy milk in their diet lost fewer brain neurons and survived significantly longer than those on a standard diet.

PositiveTip: Soy milk can be great way to improve lipid profiles and reduce tissue damage from oxidative stress.