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"Raw Water"--Really?

"Raw water" clearly poses risks from viruses, bacteria and parasites!

Technically, "raw water" is unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized water from a natural spring. Are there really benefits to drinking water in a "natural" state? A small, but growing group of advocates believe there are. "Living water" as it is called by some, is organically laden with minerals, bacteria, and other "healthy" compounds claimed to boost "energy" and "peacefulness"--all unproven benefits.

Is "Natural" Always Natural?

Several years ago I unexpectedly met an acquaintance who told me his wife had unfortunately recently been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. He said they were going to pursue only "natural" treatments--no surgery, no "drugs", no radiation therapy. When asked what she was going to do, he replied, "Only natural things like dietary supplements. She has just started seeing a 'natural healer' who has promised that he can cure her within six months." 

They pursued the course they had determined. Sadly, a year later the cancer had grown and spread, and within less than two years this man's wife had died--faithfully pursing natural treatments until it was too late. Her husband told me they finally "broke down" and went to a "regular" physician because he couldn't stand to see his wife suffering such pain. At that point the end was near.