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modifiable factors

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Getting Cancer is More than Just Bad Luck

Clear evidence suggests people can choose to take steps to lower cancer risk.

Cancer is not caused mainly by "bad luck." The authors of a recent paper based this conclusions on estimates of random cell mistakes (mutations) made during cell replication. While genetic mutations are involved in cancers, these may be caused by external and modifiable factors such as adopting a healthy lifestyle.

PositiveTip: Clear evidence supports the value of walking more, drinking water instead of sugary-beverages, substituting veggies for fatty foods, and many other simple measures that lower the risk of cancer.

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Preventing Stillbirths

Good news! Critical risk factors for stillbirths in high-income countries are modifiable.

Research has revealed that the major risk factors for stillbirths in high-income countries are largely modifiable. Australian investigators found the following factors most critical:

  • Maternal weight (BMI >25, risk more than doubled when >30)
  • Smoking (>10 cigarettes per day during pregnancy)
  • Maternal age (>40 years)

These risk factors for stillbirth are controllable by maternal choices, which is really good news.

PositiveTip: Considering pregnancy? Wise health choices can greatly reduce the risk of stillbirth.