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Benefits of Parental Monitoring-5 : Teens & Marijuana

Teen smoking marijuana.This is the fifth in a series of blogs examining benefits of parental monitoring.

A study was conducted by doctoral students attending Claremont University in California on parents, teens and marijuana use.

The researcher reported that marijuana is the most widely used by teens, and that 42% have used pot by their senior year of high school (year 12 in America).

PositiveTip for

Sniffing Gasoline is Hard on Dental Health!

Using tobacco, marijuana, and sniffing petroleum products may cause gum disease.

Did you know that the using tobacco, marijuana, and gasoline sniffing (increasingly common among youngsters around the world) is associated with increased risk of periodontal disease?

Australian investigators found significantly higher rates gum disease among those who sniff gas or smoke tobacco or pot, compared to those who did not.

PositiveTip: Help prevent unnecessary dental problems. Get involved with prevention programs for youth!

When Parents Drink, Kids Do Too

Did you ever wonder about the relationship between parents using alcohol and other substances, and the use of these substances by their children? Logic says that they ought to be connected, but what does research say? Teenagers drinking.

In the mid 1990's, research was conducted on substance use in Christian high schools. Students were asked if they had ever used drugs of several varieties. The questionnaire also asked whether they had a parent who used alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.