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impaired judgement

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

In a previous blog we discussed how important sleep is for kids. Here is some more information that you might find interesting regarding sleep and kids, from a report by researchers at Stanford University.Young girl sound asleep.

Adolescents need 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep. Children need 10 hours and adults need 8 1/4 hours. Kids rarely get that much due to early school start time, inability to fall asleep until late at night, work, social life and homework.

Young Girls, Drugs, & Impaired Judgement

previous post looked at the important issue of girls and drug, noting that people often tend to think that drugs are a bigger problem for young boys. However, there is now evidence that girls are at even greater risk for certain drug-related behaviors.Pregnant teen with teddy bear.

So we know that drug use impairs young people's judgment. But how does this impairment lead to specific problems related to sex. For many parents this can be an extremely sensitive subject.