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Soundwaves to Cure Ebola! Really?

Don't let your logic be diluted by nonsense.

A California physician faces the revocation of his medical license for selling $5 MP3 files that he claims can cure Ebola, malaria, and a many other infections. These 13-second "eRemedy" recordings are made by placing vials of homeopathic remedies in electrified wire coils and recording the emitted sounds. He even claims to have cured Ebola via a cellphone. Of course, listening to these recordings might delay actual medical treatment.

PositiveTip: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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Homeopathic Claims Now Being Regulated

FTC to clamp down on the advertising of bogus homeopathic treatments.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is now requiring the makers of homeopathic "drugs" present reliable scientific evidence of efficacy in order to sell them in the U.S. market. This will be difficult since homeopathy is a pseudoscience. The most exhaustive review of the evidence for homeopathy was done by the Australian government where they concluded it is junk science and the treatments do not work.

PositiveTip: Buyer beware! Avoid products fo which there is no evidence to support the health claims.

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Does Homeopathy Hold Water?

Large study says homeopathy not effective for any condition.

Homeopathy claims very dilute doses of substances retain a "memory" of the original substance and trigger a healing response. This alternative modality of treatment was thoroughly reviewed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia). After analyzing 225 controlled studies and 1800 published papers they concluded homeopathy is not an effective method to treat any medical condition, and may put people's health at risk.

PositiveTip: Rely on evidence-based treatments with proven efficacy and safety.