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The Real Toll of Holiday Feasting

Weight gained over the holidays takes months to lose!

Researchers found it takes much longer to lose added holiday weight than to gain it! Studies done in three prosperous countries found Americans gained an average of 0.4% over the Christmas holidays, Germans 0.6%, and the Japanese 0.5%. Over Thanksgiving, Americans put on an additional 0.2%. Actually, Americans continue to gain weight until May, then get slimmer until late October--then start gaining again.

PositiveTip: The less you gain during the holidays the less you have to lose later!

Healthy, Happy Holidays

The emergency room is about the only place people can go for  health problems during major holidays, and each holiday presents its own health risks. Take for example:

  • Fights by intoxicated guests as to who will carve the turkey sometimes result in serious injuries.
  • EMTs arrived at one home to find a man lying stabbed on the floor by his brother with a carving knife. Yet his injury did not stop him from eating as much as he could "because he knew once he got to the ER he wasn't going to get any more food."
  • The new trend in deep-fried turkey has increased the number of reported burns as a result of hot oil spatters, splashes and spills.

The majority of Christmas and Thanksgiving ER visits are the result of simple overindulgence and the resulting pain and nausea. Eating too much for some people could also be life-threatening. 

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'Tis the Season for Irregular Bowels

Common sense habits can maintain regularity through the holidays.

The holiday season with all the shopping, social gatherings, irregular schedules and meal times, overeating, and the consuption of not-so-healthy holiday foods may bring on seasonal bowel irregularities. A few simple steps can help:

  1. Don't slack off on fruits, vegetables and the whole grains.
  2. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Drink plenty of water.

PositiveTip: For good digestive health visit the bathroom as soon as you have an urge to have a bowel movement.

Make Your Holiday Plans with Your Health in Mind

The holidays are upon us! For most of us this means fun, fellowship and food in abundance. When they are over we will stand on the scales or cinch up the the belt and groan with disappointment. We have put on a pound or two or more!

Many people plan to eat and live healthier but they fail to think through the necessary details in advance. Every successful business operates with a plan, regularly reviewing progress and making adjustments when needed to meet the goals. What is your plan?

Here’s a few simple steps that will increase the likelihood of achieving your objectives of healthier living during the holidays--or anytime.