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Healthy Habits Can Offset Genetic Risk

Heart-healthy lifestyles benefit overall heart-health!

Worried you will have cardiovascular disease because it is in your genes? Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found while a high genetic tendency indeed increases risk of heart disease, so does an unhealthy lifestyle. The good news is, with a healthy lifestyle, the risk of heart disease can be lowered--especially for those with a high genetic risk. Those with the most healthy lifestyle factors reduced their risk by almost 50%, regardless of their genetic risk.

PositiveTip: A healthy lifestyle benefits everyone, even those with high risk in their genes!

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Healthy Lifestyle Offsets Genetic Risk

A healthy lifestyle can mitigate a high genetic risk for CAD.

Both genetic and lifestyle factors contribute to an individual's risk for coronary artery disease (CAD). In an analysis of three prospective cohort studies, researchers found those with the highest genetic risk experienced a 91% higher risk for CAD. However, if they followed 3 or more healthy lifestyle habits their risk dropped by 46% compared with those who had 1 or fewer healthy lifestyle habits! The 4 healthy lifestyle habits were not smoking, no obesity, regular physical activity, and a wholesome diet.

PositiveTip: A healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce inherited cardiac risk.