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Volunteering Promotes Health in Older Adults

Volunteering in schools improves seniors' health, especially those with poorer health.

Seniors who volunteered in elementary schools teaching children to read for 15 hours a week for 9 months, were found to have better physical condition than before volunteering. Those in fair health prior to volunteering improved the greatest, with improved strength and energy, walking speed and stair-climbing.

PositiveTip: Volunteering to help others improves both mental and physical vitality of seniors.

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Which is Better: Status or Health?

A healthy lifestyle is is more important than socio-economic status.

Many studies have concluded that when it comes to health and mortality, it is more important to be rich than poor! But most of these studies have only assessed health behaviors at the baseline.

One British study followed 10,000 civil servants for 25 years, checking on their diet, physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption 4 times during the follow-up. When only the baseline health behaviors were considered the advantage was with the higher socioeconomic group. However, when the health behavior assessments during the follow-up were factored in, socioeconomic status was no longer significant.

PositiveTip: The health choices we make as individuals exert the greatest influence on our health and mortality--regardless of our socioeconomic status.

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Good Health Essential to Quality Sexual Activity in Older Adults

Better health correlates with greater quality and interest in sex for the elderly.

A University of Chicago study has revealed that middle-aged and older men and women who perceive themselves to be in very good health are significantly more likely to have a greater interest in sexual activity, as well as having more satisfying sexual experiences.

Men seem to lose more years of sexual activity than women as a result of poor health. In fact, men’s physical health problems are the most commonly cited reason by both sexes for sexual inactivity in later life.

PositiveTip: Choosing a healthy, balanced lifestyle not only enhances sexual relationships in marriage during the later years, it also extends the overall quantity and quality of life.