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green house gasses

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Eat Beans to Reduce Worldwide Gas

Choosing to eat beans instead of beef would free up 42% of U.S. cropland.

One of the keys to short-term reduction of harmful greenhouse gases may be found on your dinner plate. One simple change in American eating habits would have a large impact: eat beans instead of beef. This would immediately help the U.S. achieve 50-75% of its GHG target for 2020, and it  would be accomplished without any new standards on automobiles!

PositiveTip: Eating beans instead of meat is not only good for the environment--it is also good for your health.

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How You Eat Affects the Earth’s Future

Diets that “add about a decade to our lives can also prevent environmental damage”

Here is a new perspective: a recent ecological study found if populations switched from omnivore diets to either Mediterranean, pescatarian (no meat except fish) or vegetarian diets, it could improve life span, reduce diabetes by 25%, cancer by 10% and heart disease by 20%. Furthermore, food production greenhouse gas emissions would reduce in amounts equal to what all cars, trucks, plans trains and ships currently emit.

PositiveTip: Model healthy eating and reduce food consumption that taxes our planet.