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The Economics of Healthy Foods

Using price per calorie is not a wholesome way to budget food economics.

A common reason given for eating a diet that does not meet dietary recommendations is that it the recommended diet is more expensive. A new report bythe USDA's Economic Research Service debunks this contention by comparing prices of healthy and less healthy foods using three different price metrics: price of food energy, price of edible weight, and price of average portion. Unless you are looking only at food energy, healthy foods cost less and contribute better to your health.

PositiveTip: Choose healthy foods that are good for you. They will be easier on your pocketbook, too.

Buying Good Food without Breaking the Bank

Jacob, one of the Old Testament Bible characters, lived through seven years of famine in Egypt. When he was old he wrote, "God...fed me all my life long..." (Genesis 48:15) Today, in the current economic crunch, we can trust Him to feed us, too.Making ends meet.

However, He does expect us to use judgment and restraint in not only the foods we choose, but in how and where we purchase them. The following guide will help you eat well without needing to own the grocery store!