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distracted driving

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How Your Phone Can Hurt You

Texting while driving, or even while walking, is an increasingly serious hazard to your health.

We're inseparable from our cell phones, but there's a time to disconnect: when you're in motion. Distracted driving accounts for 25% of all motor vehicle accidents in US. A majority of both teens and adults admit to texting while driving. Even walking and texting is causing more accidents. Watch this brilliant Volkswagen stunt ad and consider your cell phone use in the future.

PositiveTip: Use you cell phone when you're stationary. It's less dangerous.

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Focus When Driving in 2014

Almost 10% of drivers dial, talk, or text from their phones while driving.

Are you looking for something you can take to heart for this New Year? How about avoiding distracted driving? Sure, you are great at multitasking! But are you really? Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found tasks requiring drivers to look away from the road ahead are major factors for crashes and near-crashes--especially in novice drivers.

PositiveTip: Not yet convinced? Watch this short animated video! It could save your life.

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Distracted Driving: a Dubious Win

Distracted diving is almost the equivalent of driving drunk.

Drivers in the U.S. are more likely to be distracted by cell phones, texting or email than their European counterparts, according to a MMWR article. Almost 70% of U.S. respondents indicated they had talked on their cell phones while driving, while only about 20% of drivers in the U.K. reported the same.

PositiveTip: Put that smartphone out of reach (trunk/boot?) while driving!

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Every Doctor Should Asks Patients about Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is becoming a large problem on the highways.

A major medical journal has weighed in heavily on the dangers of texting and talking on the cell phone while driving. The author urges all physicians to educate their patients that distracted driving is roughly equivalent to driving drunk. All those who think they can drive without incident while distracted, including every teen driver, should watch a graphic British public service announcement about this issue.

PositiveTip: Pull over if you have to fool with your phone or text while driving. This simple step could save your life!