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Is Butter Back?

Using healthy plant oils will definitely reduce the risk of heart disease.

In spite of media attention to a systematic review and meta-analysis looking at the association of butter consumption and chronic disease, a careful analysis would suggest otherwise.  Even the authors of this study suggest butter is not "back". What the headlines missed is that there are no specific comparators. The default comparison was butter vs. the rest of the diet--which is usually an unhealthy mix of refined grains, soda, sugar and red meat.

PositiveTip: Butter is still a worse choice than sources of healthy unsaturated fats like olive, soybean or canola oil.

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Health-related Anxiety Increases Risk of Heart Disease

Disease is sometimes produced or aggravated by the imagination!

Researchers in Norway studied 7000 adults and found about 10% had health-related anxieties. Those anxious individuals were 70% more likely to develop heart disease in the next 12 years, even after adjusting for cardiovascular and other confounders, compared to those without health anxiety. Ellen G. White, an early health reformer wrote, "Many die from disease the cause of which is wholly imaginary." (Ministry of Healing).

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Importance of Love and Connections

Health destroying habits are frequently used to numb the pain of depression.

Canadian researchers studied 222 survivors of heart attacks. Six months after the heart attack those who were depressed were 4 times more likely to be dead than those who weren't depressed. These findings were independent of cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight and even smoking. 

PositiveTip: People who are lonely and depressed are much more likely to get sick and die prematurely compared to those with a strong sense of love, connection, and community.