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diet soda

Diet Drinks Cause Belly Bulge

Diet sodas are eagerly consumed by many weight conscious men and women who think they are “healthy alternatives” to sugar saturated sodas. "They may be free of calories but not of consequences," says Helen P. Hazuda, Ph.D., professor in the University of Texas School of Medicine in San Antonio, Texas.

Her proof comes from the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging. It shows that diet soft drink consumption is associated with increased waist circumference in humans. The 474 participants, ages 65-74 were tracked for 10 years. The height, weight, waist circumference and diet soda intake were recorded.

Diet Soda Linked to Strokes

Strokes are the number 3 cause of death in the United States, after heart attacks and cancer. Nearly 140,00 people die of strokes each year.

Most strokes are caused by an artery plugged up with cholesterol deposits. Occasionally, a stroke is caused by a brain bleed from a cracked and leaking artery. Only rarely are strokes are cause by a piece of debris drifting from somewhere else in your blood vessels.

Strokes are more likely to happen in people who have high blood pressure, are diabetic, or have metabolic syndrome. Now a link has also been found between drinking diet soda and stroke. Drinking diet soda has been linked with metabolic syndrome and diabetes in several studies. This study was done to isolate the contribution of diet soda to stroke from other risk factors that are known to contribute to stroke.