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Head Start a Failure

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Nearly one million children are enrolled in the federal Head Start program that provides preschool and daycare services for disadvantaged children. By any and nearly all measures Head Start has failed to meet any of its intended goals.

Head Start was begun in 1965 as part of the War on Poverty. Head Start was designed to give a boost to the intellectual capabilities and physical health of underprivileged children. Head Start hoped to achieve this by providing education, nutrition, and health services, designed to help deprived children catch up to children living in more fortunate circumstances.

Since its inception the U.S. government has spent $167 billion dollars on Head Start. The annual appropriation has ballooned to more than $ 9 billion each year. This is tax-payer money that has been wasted.

PositiveTip for

TV Before Bed--Robs Kid's Sleep

The most common kid's activity before bed is watching television.

New Zealand researchers found that children and teens who spend the most time watching TV during the 90 minutes prior to sleep onset got less sleep than those who who engaged in non-screen sedentary activities. Late sleep onset was associated with significantly (P<0.001) more screen-based activity (TV, video games, computers) versus earlier sleep onset. Although casualty can not be inferred from this study, screen time certainly may disrupt or displace sleep.

PositiveTip: Promote longer and better sleep in your children and teens by encouraging limited pre-sleep screen time.