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athletic performance

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No Benefit Found In Protein Supplementation in Athletes

Protein supplementation in athletes shows no benefit over that of good food.

A new study of all existing literature on protein supplements in athletes finds no benefit beyond what can be obtain in normal food.  Past reported benefits in athletes resulted from giving supplements after several hours without food when any food substance would have improved performance. Authors report that up to 20% of protein supplements have anabolic hormones, testosterone and nadrolone not listed in the ingredients.

PositiveTip: For athlete's and the rest of us, there is no better choice than a good diet.

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Athletic Performance & Alcohol

Exercising with a hangover decreases aerobic performance by as much as 11%.

Alcohol impacts every organ system in the body and impairs

  • motor skills (reaction time, hand eye-coordination), 
  • strength and power (overall performance times, cardiac output), and 
  • aerobic performance (the diuretic properties lead to dehydration and lower performance). 

In women, the higher the total life-time dose of alcohol, the lower their muscular strength.

PositiveTip: If you want to perform to the best of your ability--physially and mentally--don't drink alcohol!