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Improve Your Game with Optimal Sleep!

Optimizing sleep positively impacts functioning and enhances performance.

When crunch time comes sleep is often sacrificed first. Athletes are no exception! Stanford University researchers found basketball players who got at least an extra hour of sleep each night for 5-7 weeks experienced increased shooting accuracy and sprint times by almost 10%. They also reported increased vigor. less fatigue along with better physical and mental well-being scores.

PositiveTip: Make optimal daily sleep a priority. It improves your chances to reach peak performance--physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

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Sleep Improves Elite Athletic Performance

Sleep improves athletic performance = faster sprints, more accuracy & better reaction times.

Stanford athletes have been working with the Stanford Sleep Research Center to get adequate sleep. After several weeks of sleep extension, players were found to sprint faster, free throw more accurately, score more goals, have faster reaction times, and feel less fatigued.

PositiveTip:  Sleep impacts every aspect of our lives including athletic performance. How are you doing?


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No Benefit Found In Protein Supplementation in Athletes

Protein supplementation in athletes shows no benefit over that of good food.

A new study of all existing literature on protein supplements in athletes finds no benefit beyond what can be obtain in normal food.  Past reported benefits in athletes resulted from giving supplements after several hours without food when any food substance would have improved performance. Authors report that up to 20% of protein supplements have anabolic hormones, testosterone and nadrolone not listed in the ingredients.

PositiveTip: For athlete's and the rest of us, there is no better choice than a good diet.