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alternative medicine

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Soundwaves to Cure Ebola! Really?

Don't let your logic be diluted by nonsense.

A California physician faces the revocation of his medical license for selling $5 MP3 files that he claims can cure Ebola, malaria, and a many other infections. These 13-second "eRemedy" recordings are made by placing vials of homeopathic remedies in electrified wire coils and recording the emitted sounds. He even claims to have cured Ebola via a cellphone. Of course, listening to these recordings might delay actual medical treatment.

PositiveTip: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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Video: Discussion of the New Quackery

"What used to be fraud is now alternative medicine!"

Those with inquiring minds will enjoy this short interview with Dr. Steven Novella of Yale University School of Medicine. He explains clearly how science-based medicine can get it wrong, while also recognizing the startling weaknesses of what is commonly called 'alternative medicine.'

PositiveTip: Expand your thinking and understand better an area that often sparks hot debate. Click here to watch it.

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So Opened Minded Your Brain Falls Out

Just because airplanes have problems does not mean that magic carpets fly!--B. Goldacre

Have you experienced a health problem with no clear means of cure? Read  how Jim and Louise Laidler, both physicians, wholeheartedly adopted alternative and integrative medicine for their two autistic boys--then journeyed back from the false hopes to real hope based on evidence and reality.

PositiveTip: Avoid looking for the quick fix of pseudoscience and focus on the realities of evidence while realistically planning for the future.

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Acupuncture Ineffective for Knee Pain

Acupuncture only delivers placebo benefit for chronic knee pain.

Researchers provided acupuncture treatments for 282 people aged 50+ with chronic knee pain. They randomly assigned patients to either needle, laser, sham laser acupuncture or no treatment at all. After 12 weeks of treatment, needle and sham acupuncture had the same moderate pain improvements compared to no treatment. Hence, believing you’d had the treatment was as effective as receiving the treatment. After 1-year follow up, none of the acupuncture treatments were effective.

PositiveTip: Physical activity and hydrotherapy are better drug-free alternatives for knee pain.